The Frank and Hertz experiment
The Stern and Gerlach experiment
The effect of Kompton
The last time about photons
The Collider and Darkness
Magnetic field of earth
The horrors of magnetism 1
The horrors of magnetism 2
The horrors of magnetism 3
Rigidity of space                        New understanding of photoelectric effect                                       The photoelectric effect 2        
Skin Effect                                    Physics of electric current                                         Maikelson's sufferings
 Hall Effect    

This site was created by  Academy of real physics with the purpose of popularization of real knowledge and opposing to the physics of hypotheses.

The real theories will win their way without help, but it would require sacrifice of whole generation of people. It is because of the people that are at the helm of science, they see in it personal danger for themselves. Novelty is sticking in their throats. They will defend lies.

    We cannot sit idly by, we are obliged to provide required information for interested people. While the pupils and students are taught a false science, while textbooks are full of lies, until all positions in the administrative science occupied by orthodoxes and Russian Academy of Sciences only collects “effects”, the science is practically paralyzed.


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